My Stamp!

On November 16, 2006 Canada Post issued 5 stamps in the "Non-denominated Definitives: Flag" collection. One of them is based on a photograph I took while employed by Parks Canada in 1990.

Neither Parks Canada nor Canada Post let me know that they used my photograph*, I would have thought that would be a courteous thing to do. One of the other photographers, Ian MacNeil, tracked me down to let me know!

Links to information about the stamp and my photograph*:

  • The Parks Canada Photo Collection page of my photograph*
  • A map from Google Maps of the area where the photograph was taken
    • located in the middle of the map is a glacier tongue coming from the bottom
    • just above the end the the glacier tongue is a small river delta
    • the body of water there is Oliver Sound
    • the photograph was take from a helicopter, while in flight above the upper side of Oliver Sound looking toward the glacier
  • The Canada Post page about the stamp collection release.
  • A Google Earth file: MyStamp.kmz that takes you to the area where the photograph was taken (requires Google Earth to open - it's a free download!)

Grant Klassen


*well . . . technically not "my photograph", all rights to the photograph belong to Parks Canada, that's why you don't see it here on this page. :-(>>>