The iPod Death Knell Counter

19 count 'em 19

Well . . . OK so some of these articles don't have the text "iPod killer" in them, but the article has been billed with it headline somewhere along the line. Just like this page . . they are all lame attempts to capitalize on the term "iPod Killer".

Speaking of "lame" . . . the very first slam came the day the iPod was announce, before any had sold!

There are many more "iPod Killer" articles and blogs out there, most of them point to the articles listed here.

# Headline Date Product Notes*
19 Why you should think twice before buying Sony's iPod Killer May 12, 04 Sony: Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 Size, ATRAC, Weight, WO, BL
18 Sony unveils colour 'iPod killer' May 11, 04 Sony: Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 Size, ATRAC, Weight, WO, BL
17 A Different Kind of "iPod Killer" May 11, 04 .22-calibre Smith & Wessen revolver
16 Sony unveils 20GB iPod rival May 10, 04 Sony: Vaio Pocket VGF-AP1 Size, ATRAC, Weight, WO, BL
15 Toshiba Gigabeat G20 Review - iPod Killer? May 9, 04 Toshiba Gigabeat G20 WO, $$, Japan Only, BL
14 Intel Labs' Natural Born Killer Technologies May 6, 04 Intel chip VW
13 Battle plans drawn: let the games begin May 6, 04 Xbox VW
12 Sony unveils music service, mulls 'iPod killer' May 5, 04 Not specified VW
11 MS Xbox 2 iPod killer? Apr 8, 04 Xbox VW
10 Microsoft's iPod killer? Apr 2, 04 Janus VW
9 MS, partners tout Portable Media Center ‘iPod killer’ Mar 18, 04 Portable Media Center VW
8 Microsoft's iPod killer? Jan 6, 04 Portable Media Center VW
7 Microsoft has plans to take on ... Apple? Jan 5, 04 Portable Media Center VW
6 Dell DJ: An iPod Killer? Dec 5, 03 Dell DJ Ugly, WO, BL, $$
5 Sony NW-MS70D: iPod Killer or Expensive Paper Weight? Nov 1, 03 Sony NW-MS70D ATRAC, CAP
4 Dell debuts iPod killer, music store Oct 28, 03 Dell DJ Ugly, WO, BL, $$
3 iRiver iHP-120 Oct 14, 03 iRiver iHP-120 Ugly, I/O, $$, Radio, BL
2 iPod Killer? Aug 23, 03 Rio Karma Ugly, BL, I/O
1. Apple releases iPod . . ."Lame" Oct 23, 01
* Items in red are negatives, in green are positives
ATRAC - only Sony's own codec
CAP - Storage Capacity
VW - Vapour Ware
WO - Windows Only
BL - Battery Life

Let me know if you know of others:

Can you find the "Easter Egg"?

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